Project Management with PRINCE2

6 weeks course for unemployed - with certification

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Project Management - PRINCE2

Foundation and Practitioner

What is PRINCE2?

The short answer is:

"Projects in a Controlled Environment".

In more details, PRINCE2 is a structured method for effective project management originating from the English government where it is a registered trademark within The Cabinet Office.

The purpose of PRINCE2 is  "to help government deliver best value from its spending?

- and that is exactly what the method does for:

  • Controlling of Business Case
  • definition of required results
  • proper project initiation
  • communication with the involved stakeholders
  • definition of the roles and responsibilities of the project organization
  • resource planning and coordination
  • progress control
  • attention to quality
  • control and assessment  of risks

With over 800.000 certified users (roughly 25.500 in Denmark) in more than 150 countries, PRINCE2 is the primary method within project management on the international market.

The far reaches of the method signifies that with a PRINCE2 certification you are provided with a frame of reference that is applicable all over the world.

In Denmark, it is increasingly becoming the preferred project method.

For example, the Danish government developed a project model for projects based


Furthermore, many private businesses have followed the same line of initiative.

If not a precondition, then at least to have the certification is a definite advantage when holding a job within a project -based company or organization.

One course consists of two levels of PRINCE2

The course "Project manager with PRINCE2" is divided into a theoretical and practical module each takes 3 weeks/15 work days:


- provides you with a thorough introduction to the PRINCE2 theory, which enables you to enter into project work. After the first three weeks, you have the opportunity to take an optional exam that provides you with the fundamental skills required when managing projects based on the PRINCE2 method. The first part of the course consists of 1 virtual kick - off day, 3 intensive class teachings (København, Aarhus or Aalborg) and self-study. This first part takes 3 weeks/15 work days.


- is the advanced part of the course that teaches you to utilize the PRINCE2 theory when analyzing situations and thereby making the right decisions. Practitioner enables you to enter into the field of project management. The course is characterized by the practical approach to the PRINCE2 method. In addition to the course, you have the opportunity to take the optional exam that provides you with the fundamental competences required when working as project coordinator or project manager on projects based on

PRINCE2. This last part of the course consists of 3 intensive class teachings (København, Aarhus or Aalborg) and self - study. The final part of the course takes 3 weeks/15 work days.

The course consists of a combination of e-"learning, self - study and class teaching. You receive a PRINCE2 manual (which you can keep after ended course) and have 21 e-learning sessions, you work with various assignments, cases, videos and trial exams.

And you have access to a wide and active LinkedIn forum.

The optional PRINCE2 certification tests

You will have the opportunity to take the optional certification tests immediately after each part of the course ends.

We have 99 % pass rate on Foundation and 80 % on Practitioner, which is higher than the international average - respectively 96,4 % and 73,4 %.


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